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Manage games

Of course you want all of your games to be represented in Steam Data Suite. If this is not the case you are welcome to add the missing items in the Games management screen. Open the settings page by clicking on setup in the menu sidebar, then select Games.

Adding games

Games are added automatically to your account. When signing-up for the free-tier by connecting your Steamworks account, we detect which games we can access from that Steamworks account. All of those games will be added to your account, as we know they belong to you. By granting us access to certain games, we will start collecting them automatically.

If you need to access games from multiple Steamworks companies, please send us another invite for that company and let us know via

Game configuration

Hiding certain games

Sometimes not all of your games should how up in the app, like a develop build, you can prevent these from showing up in the app. By going to the game configuration page, you can from here deactivate a game by clicking the power button on the right side of the game you want to disable. Data for that game will from then on no longer appear in your dashboards and filters.

Assigning packages

Sales data on Steam is configured per package, instead of per game. We automatically assign these packages to the main game that that package belongs to. This is however not always the right one, you might have a deluxe edition with multiple games/DLC, in that case you can manually correct this from the game configuration page.

From that page, you can select the game you want to change packages for and click configure. In the configuration page, you will see a list of games/DLC that belong to the main game you selected. You can from here select which package should be assigned to this game. We need to do this, to prevent duplicate data and to make sure all data is attributed to the right resource.

Configuring your revenue share

A specific amount of the revenue you earn on Steam is taken by steam as a revenue share. By default, 30% of your net revenue goes to Steam, but under certain conditions, this might change, like having a lot of revenue on a game of certain agreements between you and Steam. We assume your game’s revenue share is 70% (meaning Steam takes 30%), you can change this in the game configure page by clicking configure next to a game. There you can then edit what share of revenue you get, which must be a number between 0 and 100 percent.

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