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Setup & authentication

To access the Steam Data Suite API, you will need a paid account. With your paid account you get access to the API and the options it provides. At this point in time, the main functionalities of this API are user management, permission management & getting game data. 

Base URL

The base URL for accessing the API is:


All requests to the API must include the following headers:

  • Authorization: The API key for authentication. This header should have the format “Bearer {API_KEY}”.
  • X-Client-Identifier: The identifier for the client making the request.

If the API key or client identifier is missing or invalid, the API will respond with a “400 Bad Request” or “403 Permission Denied”.

API key & Identifier

Admin users can generate an API at Admins can revoke or regenerate the API key at any time to prevent malicious use. API keys cannot be viewed again after they have been generated for security purposes, make sure to save the key somewhere once you generated it. On the API management page, admins can view the identifier to use in the “X-Client-Identifier” header.

Response body

The API always answers with a JSON serialized body, the body always has the following fields:

  • status: The HTTP status code as an integer.
  • message: A string that contains debug information or a confirmation of what action has been applied.

On a successful request, the response body will additionally contain the “result” field. This contains data that resulted from the request, like the requested data or the modified object. The result can be either a list or a dictionary, depending on the request.
Similarly, erroneous responses have an extra “error” field. The error field provides information about the type of error that occurred, like Permission Denied. In this case the message field provides feedback on what went wrong during the request, like an incorrect header field or request body.

Error handling

When using the API, an error might occur. In case of an error in the request, the response will be a 4XX status code. This might look something like this:

   “error”: “Unauthorized”,
   “status”: 401,
   “message”: “Incorrect combination of API key and client identifier.”

In this case your API request was faulty. As you can see, the message field provides information about what was wrong, so you can fix the issue. 
A scenario might occur where we are unable to process your request, this will be indicated with a 500 Server Error. In that case, your request could not be processed. If this occurs, please try again or contact support at

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