Why Steam Data Suite?

Store optimization is a complex process. We make it easy. For each solution in our platform we cover all your optimization needs, from exploring your options and competitors to decision-focussed dashboards, to deep-dive metrics.

Upgraded analytics accross
the whole sales funnel


Analyze the market
& your competitors

Look around you. Everybody is doing things that can both impact you and inspire your own actions.

With the explorative features in Steam Data Suite you get a good sense of the market from our vast database, your competitors via extensive competitor tracking and find out how this all relates to you in comparative overviews.


Take action based on
concrete insights

It’s all about the results. The optimization dashboards, whether they cover the store page, visibility, tags, or campaigns always focus on the results of your decisions, guiding you in your iterative improvements.

Putting your decisions at the center of these dashboards removes all data-juggling and leaves you to focus on making a data-driven decision.


Dive deep into
your results

From top-level overviews to specific metrics, the platform provides an immense upgrade from the default Steamworks reporting.

Answering “why”, the hardest question, requires you to be able to zoom in on any area of your performance. Whether that’s things like sales by week by geo, your ranking history or click through rate by source, we got you covered.

Steam Data Suite benefits

Making and sharing sales reports

Keep stakeholders up to date through dashboards and automatic email reports instead of building PDFs and spreadsheets.

No more gut feel decisions

By having a condensed view of data about the market and your portfolio, data can take a proper seat at the decision making table.

Getting insights by combining data

There’s no manual work needed to bring data together to get more insights. Ten different data sources are combined in various reports.

Spying on competitors

Having us find and monitor all competitor’s every day saves you time and reduces the risk of you missing something important.

Documenting changes

For your games, as well as all other game on Steam we’re actively recording changes. Feel free to browse back in various features.

Data-tool development

Keep your focus on your games and let us maintain your data tooling. Ever-expanding, we’re up for building what’s missing.

See the difference Steam Data Suite
can make in your workflow today