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The power of knowing what works. Optimization, marketing, and reporting tools for Steam.

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Simple but rich dashboards for sales and wishlists support informed decisions.

Get a complete view into all your games’ performance metrics to identify and analyse trends. Dive deeper into any game with granular data on anything from DAU, wishlist conversions, DLC attach rates, review sentiment and sale performance.

Improve storepages and visibility by understanding the impact of changes.

Easily see what the results of your optimization efforts are. Achieve higher conversion rates as you steadily improve these crucial assets. Other elaborate dashboards help with identifying tags based on their value, or help improving store page assets.

Measure install conversion and increase effectiveness of your marketing.

Accurate data about users after they make it to your  store page is essential when running campaigns on a serious scale. With nifty attribution tracking you can compare conversion rates and lower install cost across all marketing channels;  paid ads, social media or your own.

Get insights into the market by examining your niche, rankings and competitors.

Easily find and monitor your competitors to learn how they use tags, pricing, and the storepage to be successful. All games are searchable by predicted popularity and ranked by revenue so you can make out threads to your success.

Recent updates


Renewed the store page tool which now shows store page performance by version, country and time interval, with the most crucial metrics, visitors and conversion rates, visualized over time.


Introduced event annotations that provide crucial context about events in the reports they impact, such as portfolio and game overview, as well as wishlist and campaign report & more.


Fix various bugs. Also made reporting pages a tad more intelligent. They no longer show DLC/IAP information if that is not relevant.


Upgrading the competitor tracking tool, allowing for a more distinct analysis of changes implemented. Also fixing bugs related to the niche explorer, portfolio and game dashboards, as well as campaign attribution.

What Steam Data Suite replaces


Making and sharing
sales reports

Keep stakeholders up to date through dashboards and automatic email reports instead of building pdfs and spreadsheets.


Guestimating and gut feel decisions

By having a condensed view of data about the market and your portfolio, data can take a proper seat at the decision making table.


Getting insights by combining data

There’s no manual work needed to bring data together to get more insights. Ten different data sources are combined in various reports.


Spying on competitors

Having us find and monitor all competitor’s every day saves you time and reduces the risk of you missing something important.


Documenting changes

For your games, as well as all other game on Steam we’re actively recording changes. Feel free to browse back in various features.


Data-tool development

Keep your focus on your games and let us maintain your data tooling. Ever-expanding, we’re up for building what’s missing.

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