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Steam Data Suite makes it easy to improve your Steam store presence and marketing.

How, you ask?

Make better decisions

Upgrade from gut-feel and guestimates to solid traffic-, store page- and sales data.

More tricks up your sleeve

Go beyond the default Steamworks tools and discover new ways to improve sales.

Unburden your team

Save time on pre-launch, live-ops and reporting processes with smart automation.

What's included

Standing out from the crowd

Identify competitors and discover what sets you apart. Stay informed on niches and get alerts when competitors make changes to their store pages.

Market insights

Disect Steam's library of games in many different ways to identify interesting market segments and find the niche you want to focus on.

Store page optimization

The Steam store page is your main marketing channel. Our reports help you to systematically improve KPI's like conversion rate and time on page.

Impact of promotions

Our algorithms can calculate the effect of any in-store or out-of-store promotion, so you can easially understand which promotions work best.

Campaign sales results

Know the sales or installs delivered through any campaign, making it easy to optimize these efforts, either with paid campaigns and owned media.

Privacy focus

The attribution technology is developed with The sceptic PC audience and GDPR in mind. Only the absolute minimum necesary data is stored.

Player insights

Uncover Steam characteristics and behavior of your players on the platform to learn who's playing your game.

One on one communication

Identify specific segments and engage with players, allowing you to improve the game for them or activate their viral potential.

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“ It's the iteration of hypothesis, changes, and measurement that will make you better at a faster rate than anything else we have seen. ”

— Gabe Newell, Valve

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