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The power of knowing what works

Store optimization, marketing, and reporting tools for Steam. Finally.


The toolset you need to succeed on Steam

Unlock advanced performance analytics and advertising opportunities
that will save you time and earn you money!


All your games' data in one dashboard

Get a complete view into all your game’s performance metrics to identify and analyse trends.

Dive deeper into any game with granular data on everything from daily active users and DLC attach rates, to wishlist conversions and review sentiment. Get an up-to-date report on all of your discounts and events to make informed decisions on your next sale.


  • Analyse sales performance
  • Understand wishlist conversions
  • Measure events effectiveness
  • Track top charts positions


Test and optimize your store page

Our platform takes the manual labour out of the equation by periodically analysing your store page performance, enabling faster and more effective results.

We help you identify tags by taking into account relevancy, competitiveness, and popularity of tags, improving discoverability and resulting in higher conversion to sales.

  • Evaluate store page changes
  • Identify popular tags
  • Optimize for uniqueness

Campaign attribution

Scale campaigns with accurate data

We bring advanced marketing attribution tracking to the Steam store. Compare conversion rates of every marketing channel, whether they’re paid ads, social or your own channels. Improve your ROAS and lower your CPIs.

Whether you’re an indie developer tracking clicks on your social media posts, or an AAA publisher dealing with dozens of channels, Steam Data Suite’s attribution solution provides accurate conversion data.

  • Measure conversion for campaigns
  • Track website visitors
  • Create links dynamically
  • Export data through postbacks

Market insights

Outperform your competitors

Our tools will help you search through 50,000 games to find your competitors in mere seconds.

Reverse engineer your competitors’ strategy by tracking their tags, pricing, discounts, screenshots, and more. With global top charts, all games are ranked by revenue, allowing you to track the performance of every game on Steam.

  • Find and store competitors
  • Browse store page history
  • Global Steam top charts
  • Compare screenshots and metadata
Get better insights from
combined data sources
Utilize historical data to
better grasp the market
Make data driven decisions to
systematically grow sales

Automate dull tasks to
work faster and smarter