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The optimization platform for marketing, visibility and conversion on Steam

What we do

We optimize your
Steam presence

Steam Data Suite provides everything you need to get your games more attention, wishlists, and sales.

Our set of tools enables you to combine market data with your own sales and traffic data to gain valuable insights into every step of the sales journey of your players.

By streamlining the data processes you gain insights in real-time that empower data-centric decisions and higher levels of productivity.

How it helps

Make the right
decisions, faster

Action-based, up-to-date dashboards and access to market data enable you to make informed decisions for both your games and business with confidence and speed.

This brings many benefits to our clients including:

  • Spending time more efficiently; on improvements with the most potential gain
  • Making better marketing decisions
  • Revenue growth
  • More involvement in data-driven decision-making by the whole team

Features and functionalities of Steam Data Suite

Unlock these advanced optimization and analytics opportunities that will save you time and earn you money.


Assess the impact of changes to your store presence and get more visibility and store page conversion.


Measure the conversion to installs and increase the effectiveness of all your marketing efforts.

store page

Assess the impact of changes to your store page and get more conversions.


Identify tags by looking at the relevancy, competitiveness, and popularity of tags.


Get a better understanding of the market and your competitors.


Simple but rich dashboards for sales and wishlists support informed decisions.​


Comparing actual results to algorithmic predictions to help you find answers.


Get a complete view of all your game’s performance metrics to identify and analyze trends.

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platform you can trust

Helping over 500 companies since 2017 to increase their success on Steam taught us a lot. We see how valuable your data is, we know how to make numbers answer your questions, and we know how to fit into the day-to-day processes of game publishers.

We employ the highest standards to ensure Steam Data Suite is accurate, readable, and secure.

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