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Dynamic campaign links

In some situations predefining all campaign links are not desirable, for example in case of programmatic advertising. For those situations you want the Campaign to be created and selected automatically, and not rely on the campaign link builder. To this end, we provide a secondary URL system. This URL is used in combination with URL parameters that correspond with various fixed and variable options, in a fixed format to process the campaign activity and if applicable redirect the user to the store page.

Building a dynamic campaign link

{game key}?a={action}&t={type}&c={channel}&n={name}(&v={variant})

The URL contains the base URL, game specific key, fixed and variable parameters. Only a valid URL will be processed successfully. Depending on the configuration of parameters used the URL can either redirect a user to the Steam store page for the game, or return a HTTP Status code. The latter is used when the URL is used to register a non-clik event, see Advanced: Attribution via landing page.

In practice, some of these parameters will have a fixed value for an entire campaign, or even group of campaigns. Others may be dynamically assigned based on campaign values or by programmatic ad automation.

Game-specific key

The url contains a game specific key, so we know what game the request should be processed for.

Game-specific key

These are the available parameters to use in a dynamic URL.

aActionYesAllowed values and more info
tTypeYesAllowed values and more info
cChannelYesAllowed values and more info
nNameYesRequirements and more info
vVariatiantNoRequirements and more info

Action (a=value)

The type of action that is represented by loading the URL. This determines how the request is answered.

1ClickRedirects to the Steam storepage for the game
2PageviewReturns HTTP Code 200

Type (t=value)

The Goal for the campaign

1Sales / InstallsGenerate game sales or installs.
3Awareness / BrandingGet as many people to know about your game.
5WishlistsFor pre-released games, generate and convert traffic towards wishlists additions.
7OtherTrack any other type of event.


Channel (c=value)

The media channel used

Value Type Name Description
1 Paid media Google Ads Use Google’s wide range of advertisement options to drive traffic to your Steam page.
2 Paid media Facebook Ads Create an advertisement to drive traffic to your Steam page.
3 Paid media Twitter Ads Create Tweets or advertisements to drive traffic to your Steam page.
4 Paid media Reddit Ads Create posts or advertisements to drive traffic to your Steam page.
5 Paid media Ads Other Use any other advertisement platform.
10 Paid media Twitch Ads Advertise on Twitch to drive users to your Steam page.
14 Paid media YouTube (Via Google Ads) Videos on YouTube have multiple ways to send traffic to your game.
22 Paid media Influencer Generate sales from YouTubers, Twitch, Mixer, and more.
6 Own media Email Using email (newsletters) to direct people to your Steam page.
7 Own media In-game Cross promote your game inside another game.
9 Own media Other own channel Create a URL to track any other type of campaigns
12 Own media Chat or forum Send community users towards your Steam page.
13 Own media Website / Landing page Use your own website to track conversion of users.
16 Own media Twitter Tweet Create a Tweet to drive traffic to your Steam page.
17 Own media Facebook Post Create a post to drive traffic to your Steam page.
19 Own media Own Twitch Channel Linked from your own Twitch channel
21 Own media Own Reddit Link from your own Reddit
8 Free exposure Influencer Generate sales from YouTubers, Twitch, Mixer, and more
11 Free exposure PR Work with the press to drive traffic to your Steam page.
15 Free exposure Reddit Post Create a post on the Reddit platform
18 Free exposure Other free channel Create a URL to track any other type of campaigns

Name (n=value)

Descriptive name for the campaign.
  • URL Encoded
  • Max 100 characters

Variant (v=value)

Use to differentiate different audiences, creatives, etc. within a campaign.

  • Optional
  • URL Encoded
  • Max 100 characters

Redirect response

Links with action Click (a=1) can be used as direct links, returning a redirect to the steam store page of the corresponding game.

This… URL will be appended with utm_ tags translated from the campaign parameters. This allows you to see the source of the traffic in Google Analytics under Source/Medium (not referrals).

utm_ tagValueNote
utm_source‘External’Always fixed value
utm_mediumChannel nameUrlencoded name corresponding to the id given with parameter c
utm_campaignCampaign nameTracking parameter n
utm_contentTracking parameter vOptional

Success HTTP Response

For links with action Pageview (a=2) HTTP Code 200 is returned after a successful call.

Fail HTTP Response

CodeReason textDetails
400Unknown gameGame key provided does not match any active game.
400Invalid value for Action, Type or ChannelOne or multiple ids provided for parameters a,t and c are not allowed. Please remember to pass ids corresponding to the desired value from the tables above (not strings).
400Value for Action, Type, Channel or Name is missingOne of the required parameters a,t,c or n is missing from the URL. We need all of those to process the URL, only parameter v is optional.
404 Misconfigured configuration of the URL (wrong domain?), or downtime of the endpoint. Either case, please contact support.
500 Uncaught error in the endpoint. Please revert to the last working configuration and contact support.