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Data protection

Your data is valuable, we understand that. When signing up to Steam Data Suite we agree to a Data Processing Agreement. You can read this DPA here.

What we do

  • Communication between you and the service is encrypted (HTTPS).
  • Having common security measures in place for protecting files, code and databases.
  • Keeping all third-party software packages used by the service up-to-date as much as possible.
  • Having an external expert review our code for (amongst other things) security after every major update.
  • We do not share any data from your games or accounts with other clients unless explicitly agreed upon (for example for demonstration purposes).
  • We have a confidentiallity agreement with all our employees, temporary employees and interns that bounds them to ensure the above.
  • Repair any malfunction or bug we may find related to security with the highest priority.

What we expect you to do

  • Be carefull with your account credentials.
  • Change your password after account set-up.
  • Log out if you are done using the service, especially on a public device.
  • Making sure all employees, temporary employees and interns are bound to the level of confidentiallity that you desire.
  • Report to us as soon as you found or suspect to have found a bug or malfunction related to security of the service.

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