Our believes

Nowadays it's not easy to have your game find its audience on Steam. And that's putting it mildly. In these times of oversaturation we can look at the mobile games industry for inspiration. Over the years as a hyper-competitive space the mobile industry developed all kinds of ways to get an edge over others.

We believe that learnings and tools from the mobile industry translate perfectly to todays Steam situation. Doing these things right is one of the very few ways we can move the PC gaming industry, which has fallen behind so badly, forward.

Our origin story

We started out as 'Ludens Labs' a game analytics consultancy company in 2015. We had the opportunity to work with vastly different game companies, building a collection of proprietary tools along the way. In 2017 we’ve bundled the Steam specific tools as a stand-alone product and named it Steam Data Suite.

Ever since we've been focussing more and more on Steam Data Suite. We work on improving the toolset every day with lots of passion and excitement.

We believe it’s unfair that so much potential is wasted because of storefront limitations. It’s also unnecessary, but hard to overcome alone.

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