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Campaign tracking will teach you which clickers make it to players, so you can optimize for the performance metric that counts: conversion.

Structural tracking leading to structural results.

Within the campaign dashboard you can set up tracking in the way that fits you best. Create tracking links and see the results categorized by campaign, channel and variant.

Advanced integrations to attribute in any case.

Complex use cases ask for advanced integrations to make attribution work. We support callbacks, programmatic ad systems, tracking through landingpages and a great deal of other situations with a customizable system.

Careful with data, your players privacy and your good name.

We’ve build the attribution tracking from the ground up to be compliant and privacy-friendly. The ultra-light tracking process is designed to make sure your players are, and feel, well-treated.

Campaign tracking is just one tool in the toolbox.



Assess the impact of changes to your store presence and get more visibility and store page conversion.



Utilize simple but rich dashboards for metrics like sales and wishlists to make informed decisions.


Market insights

Explore the market, scout rankings, identify competitors, and track their activity to learn from them.