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Optimization of your storepage and discoverability, based on data, helps you steadily improve your store presence.

Storepage experiments will reveal points of improvement.

Retail stores consistently reinvent their shop windows’ display and so should you frequently improve your games’ store pages. With the storepage experiments dashboard, gauging the effectiveness of these adjustments is made extremely easy.

Tag optimization, suggestions based on competitiveness and popularity

With the tag optimization tool you can explore various tag combinations for your games. Select tags and let the tool suggest complementary tags based on competitiveness and popularity. Identify highly popular tags with a relatively low competitiveness to add to your games’ store page to boost discoverability.

Optimization is just one of many solutions.



Utilize simple but rich dashboards for metrics like sales and wishlists to make informed decisions.


Campaign tracking

Measure the conversion to installs and increase the effectiveness of all your marketing efforts.


Market insights

Explore the market, scout rankings, identify competitors, and track their activity to learn from them.