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Automated email alerts: Easily track your Steam performance

Back from gone, email alerts are now available again! You can setup alerts to receive a weekly or monthly update on your games’ performance.

How to use it

From now on, you’ll receive a monthly update on all games in your portfolio. To receive additional alerts or change when you receive this email, you can change your email preferences from the email alert page. Here you can choose what emails to receive and if you want to get them every week, month or both!

Besides a periodic update on your portfolio of games, you can also setup alerts for specific games. This will go into a bit more detail in each of the KPI included in the report. From the email alert page, you can modify which games you want to receive an update for.

When using the app, you can easily setup email alerts as well. If you’re on a page that supports email alerts, just click the button in the top-right corner and select when you want to get these updates. After clicking apply, you’re all set and will receive regular updates!

What is in the emails

Currently, there are two emails you can choose to receive, a report on your entire portfolio and a report for KPI on specific games. The portfolio report contains some information on the amount of sales, revenue, wishlists and your visibility on Steam.

Also, you can choose to receive reports for specific games, these are mostly focused on the visibility and performance of your Steam store page, it supplies you with information on the number of impressions, visits, sales and wishlists. Additionally it shows the click through rate, and conversion rates from store page visits to sales and wishlists.

Weekly reports report on Monday through Sunday of last week, monthly reports report on the first to last of the last calendar month. Additionally, you can see the difference between the current KPI values and those of the period before. If these change, make sure to check out the app to see what’s going on!

More information on what these numbers mean, can be found here.

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