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See into the future: Sales forecasting now available

We’ve made it possible to see the sales and revenue for your games, in the future! Let our advanced forecasting algorithm do all the hard work, as you free up time to plan your Steam marketing activities for 2024.

Early access

This feature is currently in early access, which means;

  • It’s available for everybody with an SDS account.
  • We are eager to hear feedback so we can make the feature even better for you. Please send your feedback to
  • We will continue to improve the forecasting algorithm over time.
  • There may be bugs or long load times.

What's in the forecasts dashboard?

  • Net revenue and units sold; We predict the two most important KPI’s. These can help you plan your discounts.
  • Up to the end of next year; We allow you to forecast all the way up to 31st of December of next year, so you have all the information you need to plan next year’s success too.
  • All the detail you need; You can aggregate the forecast in different ways. Look at the data per year, per month or even per day, whatever fits your reporting needs.
  • More accurate with more data; Let us know what discounts you plan to run through the events feature, and our algorithm keeps this in mind when modelling the forecast. If you don’t know yet, no problem. Without events in the future, the forecast will assume you will continue the discount strategy sin line with last year.
  • Understand the context of the data; We tell you what you can expect from the model by displaying how much data we used and how accurate we expect the model to be. You can also select a timeframe including the past so you will be able to see your historical actuals and forecast side by side.

How does the forecasting algorithm work?

  • Accounts for historical trends; Our algorithm identifies trends based on historical data for your game and finds repeating patterns that are likely to happen in the future.
  • Uses your events; Steam Data Suite “Events” that are added by you or detected by us are used to account for special periods in the life-cycle of your game. For example release date, discounts and other promotions.
  • Take holidays into account; Holidays like Christmas are automatically picked up by our model and are accounted for in the forecast.
  • Updates real-time; Adding events, like discounts or game updates, into the app helps the model make a more accurate prediction. When you add or change events, they immediately affect the forecasts.