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Newzoo acquires Steam Data Suite to power up data platform offering

By Michelle Van der Wilk-Rouhof, CEO Newzoo

We’re thrilled to share Newzoo’s acquisition of Steam Data Suite.

We’ve been working to find the right data partners that align with our values, product and service offerings, and vision for the future, and Steam Data Suite perfectly fits the bill.

The acquisition complements the Newzoo product lineup with new sales and marketing optimization tools. It also strengthens Newzoo’s best-in-class PC and console games data products with robust, first-hand, actual data.

Our mission is to provide the gaming industry with holistic data and insights that inform strategic decisions. By integrating Steam Data Suite into our portfolio, Newzoo will offer an even more comprehensive suite of data, research, and insight tools to game developers and publishers.


Meet Steam Data Suite

Steam Data Suite is the leading optimization platform for marketing, visibility, and conversion on Steam.

Founded in Amsterdam by entrepreneur Oscar Hogervorst in 2020, Steam Data Suite started as a project to help companies improve their sales and marketing workflows. Since then, the company has become a trusted name in game storefront analytics, with hundreds of companies already using the platform.

“The team and I are incredibly excited to move forward as part of Newzoo, given the synergies in expertise and datasets. Joining Newzoo allows us to help more companies in a more structural way,” says Oscar, who will continue to manage the product and team within Newzoo.

How Steam Data Suite will expand Newzoo’s data and insights

Steam Data Suite’s set of tools enables users to combine market data with their own sales and traffic data to gain valuable insights into every step of their players’ journey. It includes:
  • App Store Optimization
  • Campaign tracking and attribution
  • Competitor analysis
  • Improved own data reporting
  • Market insights and benchmarks

By leveraging both companies’ combined expertise and resources, publishers can unlock their games’ full potential and confidently navigate the complexities of the games market.

Newzoo’s commitment to providing accurate, independent, and objective data to the games industry ensures our clients can access the latest technologies and insights to remain competitive. Our work with Steam Data Suite is just beginning, and we will have more information on how you can benefit from it soon.

In the meantime, contact newzoo to find out more or learn more about Steam Data Suite on this website.

Steam Data Suite is not affiliated with Valve, Steam, or any of their partners. All rights belong to their respective owners.

Learn how Steam Data Suite can help you make better decisions on Steam