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The launch of the first store optimization toolset for Steam

Amsterdam, NL, June 6, 2022: Steam Data Suite, the analytics tool provider dedicated to Steam, announces the release of the first store optimization toolset for Steam. The new ‘v3’ release of their data platform is a cornerstone in the company’s pivot to app store optimization tools, and aligns features, covering visibility, promotions, tags and the store page, with the process of iterative optimization.

“We were able to bring existing and new features together around the overarching goal of optimization, creating a toolset that is more capable to support publishers with improving discoverability and performance of their games on Steam.”, explains Oscar Hogervorst, CEO of Steam Data Suite.

The company’s decision to pivot its focus to store optimization comes from the increasing need for data-driven decision-making and extremely competitive climate on the PC gaming platform, where discoverability is the number one challenge for companies. Oscar Hogervorst: “Our experience, and the mobile games market, taught us that there is a lot to be gained from tweaking how your game is represented on a store through thumbnails, tags, descriptions, screenshots, etc. The challenge is doing this in a structured, data-driven way.“

The revamped toolset addresses key aspects of the user lifecycle, from players seeing references to the game, the effectiveness of those references, to converting store page visitors to buyers and wishlisters.

About Steam Data Suite

Steam Data Suite provides a third party data platform tailored to the needs of publishers selling games on Valve’s Steam store. For two years they have been providing features that are inspired by tried and tested solutions available for the mobile game marketplaces. Besides optimization this includes campaign attribution, advanced reporting, market insights, competitor tracking and sales estimates. The investor backed startup has been servicing publishers of all sizes, and is currently used with over 1% of all games on Steam.

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