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Single game

Full unlimited access for a single game.

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Regular portfolio

Full unlimited access for up to 20 games.

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Large portfolio

Full unlimited access for all games in your portfolio.

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Monthly or Yearly

Each tier can be invoiced monthly or yearly. Yearly subscribers get 2 months free.


What legal steps are needed before we can use SDS?

Between your company and ours we should set up a order form. This includes our terms of service, which cover our collaboration. Furthermore, based on the role you assign us we can enter a processor agreement.

Between you and your players it's wise to include text about our collaboration in your terms. We have example texts for this.

What are the fair use limitations?

There are only two limitations, both concerning the campaign module: 10.000 registered installs per day and 10.000 registered campaign clicks per day.

Nevertheless, we believe we need a boundry to guarantee a fast and reliable service. We're confident to say that's 'unlimited', because many clients never reach this.

What happens when I exceed the fair use limitations?

For clicks and installs we enforce a fair use policy. Although many clients will never reach these limitations it can occur.

Whenever a limit is structurally exceeded we will get in touch to talk about a solution. If you expect the high levels to maintain we believe it's only fair to increasing the monthly fee to match the usage. We understand that around release or a big update you will (hopefully!) have a spike in installs, that's no problem.

What steps do we take to get started?

Firstly, reach out by clicking 'Get started' on this page.

Then we will get back to you with an order form, covering the legal aspect of us working together.

After signing this we will set up your accounts, and you will receive your first invoice.

Usually we also like to have a short Skype call to get to know you, or explain the tool set a bit, to get you started

How can I cancel the subscription?

You can cancel the subscription at any time, by sending us an email. You will be able to use Steam Data Suite untill the end of that billing period.

If you want we can even help you export some data, so you can keep it after you lose access.

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